Joining the Illuminati


Post policy ideas relating to conspiracy theories and how it would impact the game world!!!

So its a bit tongue and cheek, but I would like an option to join the Illuminati. Like a seperate button that takes you to a seperate “map”. You have a whole set of “policies” to deal with. It all revolves around you either joining or taking on the Illuminati.

It starts off with the following.

  1. Commit to joining and ruling the world with the illuminati or commit to dismantling them and freeing the world.

  2. from there you have a choice in policies that would impact things like GDP. such as provoking cyber attacks to increase gas prices, draining the GDP but scoring you major political capital. The inverse is stopping such events and boosting the GDP but loosing out on the capital.

These policies would allow you to accumulate points to your ultimate end goal of becoming the leader of the Illuminati or defeating them entirely.

Remember they are always watching! :lizard: :alien: :eye: :smiley:

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You’re mistaken, Democracy 4 is the illuminati wanting to make you believe that you are free!



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A good policy idea.

Appease the lizard :lizard: people. You sacrifice a portion of your population for capital and cash. Your population steadily goes down and a list of new dilemmas now opens up.

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Honestly, I kinda love it when games do this. I remember how Crusader Kings lets you become immortal, get a magic item, etc. Embracing the Lizard People/Aliens would be perfect this game.


I ait it up when Tropico 5 was all about this! Nevermind Deus Ex!

Black budget should be apart of this. You have a separate account you find ways to transfer money to without anyone knowing. That money can be used for your many secretive ends!

Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) should be apart of this endeavor. Establishing this could begin the process of fighting the grays. It could also be the meeting point between you and the :lizard: people. It could have 2 sets of sliders. Financing these projects and a slider that determines how it’s used.


Love it.

It’s nothing on this level, but in the mod I’m working on, I’ve included an UFO, it’s much tamer than what you’re suggesting, but it’s probably the first time somebody has put something fringe into the game.