Journalism Career

Is absolutely 100% going into the next patch for the game, which will be a much bigger patch than the ones you have seen up to now. It will also add support for adding in new careers, and hopefully much more. I’m working on the journalism stuff right now.
Just keeping you lovely people informed :smiley:
Any comments or suggestions most welcome.

wow. I am looking forward to the next patch.

Good call on the extra modding support. Thanks, cliffski.

Oo - ah! Waiting eagerly for the next patch! :smiley:

Added websurfing today too! (needs testing and balancing though)

And will you put in

looks cool. I am defintely looking forward to the next patch

So do we get to be a games journalist :smiley:

The Journalism job wasn’t giving me any journalism experience. I had to switch to one of the other Journalism jobs to start picking it up. In the job effects screen for, Tiredness was the only thing listed.

well spotted. I’m fixing that now, plus a missing website file, and I’ll do an updated patch.