Judicial independence and organized crime

One thing organized crime have figured out to do is spend a lot of money on lawyers. Some even go so far as to bribe or threaten judges.

It occurred to me as I was digging around for ways to get rid of organized crime other than my usual combo of narcotics + legalized sex work that judicial independence could tie in. If I had the ability to phone a judge up and say “I don’t care what his lawyer comes up with, he’s guilty, make it happen” that would get the crime lords locked up. I personally wouldn’t want to live in a country which works like that, but I also wouldn’t want to live in one which teaches creationism in school, issues the police sub machine guns, or bans women from driving. Should this be an option for the authoritarian players?


I think low judicial independence does boost crime. Is organized crime still modelled separately in the game?

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They are. Now… this stuff with low judicial preservation is present in events like mass sentencing… outside court accusing the player of horrendous crimes… but I consider that those indirect events would already tell you what type of justice you’re dealing with, especially with the statistics that the game hands to you.

Ah, okay, so there are events dealing with low judicial integrity?

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More with crimes and who you’re annoying

what group do you annoy*

Hmmm…then maybe there should be some for low judicial integrity.

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I mean… police forces would definetly not like the thought of crime happening.

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Not just that, I meant events as well.

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