Jumbled/flashing words issue (Linux)

Hello, I just picked up the game and the DLC off Steam for Ubuntu. At first the game would crash on start. That doesn’t happen anymore for some reason (which I’m grateful for). The real issue now is this: The text is jumbled up, skewed, and flashing. Is there something I missed? An update? Any help would really be appreciated!

We have a fix in the “test” branch for this. Or you can simply right click on the game in steam and choose properties and then have Steam validate the game cache.

I have the 1.14 from Humble Bundle.
This problem still happens.

Is this version supposed to be fixed too?

Thanks for the time and great game.

1.15 is the latest version available… Hmm… it seems Cliff forgot to update the version on his site so, that’s why you haven’t received an update notification.
I am working on a 1.20 patch for mac+linux+ios that should be out really soon… So I’ll make sure that the website is correctly updated so the patches get sent to everyone.