Just a comment

First of all, I liked this game very much. I could only play it for a day because my Yahoo! version doesn’t run very well, but I like the unique concept, and perhaps I will get myself a better and up-to-date version sometime soon.

What really surprised me, however, was the introduction:

“It’s 6.20pm on April 14th, 2006. […] Tonight is your twentieth birthday. […]”

That was on the spot! I did, indeed, turn 20 last year on April 14th. I think I will remember this game forever just because of this coincidence. :slight_smile:

And just so that this topic gets some purpose, one question: What could be the fastest way to build a good relationship with as many people as possible in Kudos?

Hey! That’s fantastic :smiley: Did you suspect clever AI at first?

You got me there… I did, for a moment. So you just randomly picked out a date?

I think it might have been the date I wrote that bit of text.