Just a few ideas

  1. I was just thinking most car brands have a sports version of a model e.g gti, RS, M sport, AMG. Could you not add something like this, and add features such as carbon fibre package, turbos/supercharger, sport brakes, sport suspension, sport exhaust.
  2. Could add contracts like police cars and taxis which you have to produce a certain amount of car with the correct features that the contract requires like lights, sirens, radios and some other features that other people can think of.
  3. Making the engines in house requires a production line it’s self plus different sizes of engines and fuel.
  4. Customers that want a certain car with certain features instead of mass producing cars all the time.
  5. Different sized stockpiles.
  6. Some where I can select pref local imports for everything instead of going to every stockpile and part of my line And selecting it.

I agree that we need to work on high performance engines and the various related choices, this is on my todo list. We have aluminium body options already but I guess carbon fiber would be a cool new addition. I assume thats even more expensive than aluminium but I’d have to do some research. Currently we cheat and only use aluminium for the body ‘shell’ and not all the door panels etc, which is already a bit of a compromise…

I also agree that variable sized stockpiles need to eventually become a thing…