Just a few suggestions (v1.19)

Now I’ll write a few suggestions:

  1. A high level of equality decreases Socialist membership. But why? I guess this could be true in a capitalist country: if there is high equality, some socialists could be happy with the system. I think this is kinda forced, but ok. But what about a socialist country? Socialists would be even more convinced about their socialism. Furthermore, most of the policies that increase Equality please socialists and/or bother capitalists. So I really think Equality shouldn’t decrease Socialism. And due to the same reason it’s ok that the lack of equality boosts Socialism.
    To sum up, I think the relation between Equality and Socialism should be a linear function with a positive gain if Equality is low and no effect if Equality is to the max.

  2. When a policy has an effect on the income of a tax or the cost of other policy, I think it would be nice to have a link to that other policy or tax in the effects list of the policy. For example, all those taxes and policies on the right could be linked:

  3. I suppose that many of us are a little bit lost about the Share IPO Cancelled event. It seems kinda unpredictable, even though it probably can be somehow prevented to some extent by the Limit Automated Trading policy. This issue of the game is a little obscure. Could it be somehow clarified? Maybe explained in the event window, and also quantified the effect of the policy in its policy window.

  4. Something similar occurs with Capital Controls. It seems to prevent the Wealthy drain caused by some taxes, but how? I can’t know if I need to maximize its implementation or if mid-bar would suffice or what.
    Additionally, shouldn’t it be indicated the negative effect of those taxes on Wealthy membership?