Just an idea ? Flagships ?

Im not sure if im the first to say this but im throwing my 2 cents in i think it would be neat to have a 4th ship class a flagship. You could only have 1 in a battle at a time and dont make em god like make em slower then the cruisers if thats possible :stuck_out_tongue: and make em maybe 30-60% stronger slightly more weapon and standard slots then a cruiser and some nice bonuses. Mabye some special mods or just the same as a cruisers mods dont want to make em to strong.

Im not sure how it would work but I always have loved having a main flagship in any space themed game :slight_smile: plus it could add some more depth.

Well, well. “Flagships,” eh?

Bonuses, additional module slots, and various bells-n-whistles you’d expect on a fleet command unit?

Take this for a test-drive. :slight_smile:

ill try that its nice for now, but a cool flagship model would be nice :slight_smile: but the mod community will prolly make one soon dont know how complicated it would be :slight_smile: