Just bought GSB Collection pack off steam...

So far, really digging it. Tried the demo and new this would be a game I liked.

Couple quick questions.
I noticed my version is 1.42. Not sure if and when steam will update it to 1.44. If they dont, can I patch it manually?

Also, I dont see any ‘challenges’ right now. Could that be because I a on 1.42 and most people I would guess are on 1.44?

Thanks for your help.
Great game.


Yes, you can patch it manually. First, you have to enter in your key in the “online” page, and then restart the game. Make sure to install in the patch in the GSB folder buried inside the “steamapps” folder in your steam install directory.

You also need to enter your key to have access to challenges.

Ah crud.
I fired it up today and noticed what I thought was it going through a reinstall. But that was probably the 1.44 patch trying to install. It failed and i brushed it off.
Is there a way to relaunch the 1.44 patch? When I start up GSB, it does not try to install the patch again.


If I recall correctly, I believe it should check if you’re patched up each day.

Hmm, weird. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but still no luck.

I know this is through steam and I show through their update history it goes to 1.42, but I dont see a reference to 1.44.
Is there another way to patch this?


Yippie! Finally the collector’s edition has come to steam!


I am wondering if steam has the 1.44 patch?
Can I d/l the patch manually from somewhere else?

Seems odd.

Anyy ideas?

Steam version has the 1.44 patch. At one point, when i started GSB, the patch installer poped up instead of the main game and asked me where i had GSB installed. I just pointed it out to the usual steam path (something like C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Gratuitous Space Battles).

The patch worked just fine and I am now playing version 1.44.

Thanks cliff btw :slight_smile:

Ya, that is what happened to me. BUt I goofed and clicked through the installer not knowing what was going on. Anyway, I cant get that installer to come back up.

Anyone know how I can trigger the 1.44 patch again?


There’s an exe you can run to install the patch, I think it’s in the mygames folder

yup its in \mydocuments\mygames\gratuitous space battles\patches

just re-run it.

Thanks guys. That did the trick. Up on 1.45 now.

Wow… what a hell of a pricing…

20 euro for the full game

24 euro for the full game and 3 expansions worth 5 euro each totalling 35 euro.

still waiting on DLC discount on Steam