Just bought Nomands...

So I have GSB with the three DLCs, all downloaded through steam. I went ahead and purchased Nomads directly from the website. But now i’m not entirely sure how i get my Nomad DLC to work with my steam downloaded GSB game. Where are the files supposed to go?

Appreciate any help.

Run the nomads installer and when it asks for an installation path, hit the browse button. I think the Steam version is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\gratuitous space battles, but on some systems you might not have the (x86) part. Once you find that directory it should install without problems.

Please post back here and let us know if that works.

While that method didn’t work, the filepath was where the nomad files needed to go. The Nomad files are typical of the other DLCs, as in there’s a installs file, packages file, and nomad folder. What I ended up doing was moving those folder and files to their respective folders in the main GSB folder that you directed me too. Had to do it manually, but it worked. Thanks for the help nonetheless.

Thanks for the update. I don’t completely understand, where did the installer put the files before you moved them to the correct locations?

It’s weird… when I tried your method, it created a new folder called “Gratuitous Space Battles”. In the folder were the files i mentioned. I just had to move them to the correct areas and delete the now useless folder. Probably has to do with the fact my base game was purchased through Steam. Future DLCs for me will be done through Steam, i think. Just for simplicity sake.

This is just an installer quirk. if you were to re-run it, you’d notice that when you pick a folder it adds ‘gratuitous space battles’ on the end just after you’ve browsed. its there right in front of you before you click on ‘ok’ or ‘install’, but you probably assume (as everyone, including me would do), that the path you browsed to is the path in the text box, but it just aint so.
You can just select the path at that point and remove that extra bit.
Its annoying, but the installer does it because thats the default path for most copies of the game, and annoyingly I haven’t got any way to detect if its a steam copy and change it automatically.