Just bought the game, and can't audition.

The subject title says it really.

Whenever I try to audition and click on a instument, it just says there’s been an error in the program and just to either try to continue ( doesn’t work ) or e-mail the developer, but I thought I’d post here instead.

Any ideas on what might be wrong?

when you say audition, you mean recruit a new band member yes?
Is this the positech version (direct from us) or bought through someone like BigFishGames?

Yes, recruit another person.
And it was from somewhere else.

unfortunately you need to contact them for support :frowning: as these 3rd parties often use ‘wrapper’ code on the game that I know nothing about. does the same problem happen with the demo of the game from my site? (rocklegendgame.com)

The demo works, I’ll get in touch with them then.