Just bought the game

And so far I am loving it, great purchase, can only get better. As a major sci-fi geek it is awesome seeing these large scale battles unfold. Even if they ships being wiped out are mine xD. Which bring me to my question, are there any guides or tips out there, just to help me get started. The tutorial didn’t really suggest any optimal strategies, I do understand the game is about experimentation though.

I thought making a balanced fleet, a little bit of every weapon type, would yield some success. But I am repeatedly wiped out on the third mission, yes sad I know xD.

Have you read the manual? it’s not really a strategy guide but it helps. Some of the discussions on the challenges forum are very helpful in terms of strategy

it’s all about balance. try shield and 1 weapon type. Can not shoot thorugh shields? Add shield penetrating weapons (2-3). If thats not enough, add additional weapons. Same for armor. Your armors gets damaged too quickly? Add more plates & repair unit. Fighters are bothering you? Create separate cruiser or frigate design for dealing with fighters (tractor beams, anti fighter missiles & lasers). Think like that and tweak your fleet until you get what you want. For example missions in GSB are EXTREMELY easy, so its just a matter of time when you’ll figure out how to tweak your fleets. just use SPECIALIZED ships (be it fighters, frigates or cruisers). I personally use 3 different cruisers for most missions, that include 1 meat shield (all shield and armor + ecm anti-missiles), 2 anti fighter cruisers and 3 normal cruisers for dealig huge damage.

Hehe thats just the thing i guess, in all the chaos its hard for me to tell exactly what is damaging my ships the most. Its all a jumble of plasma, lasers, and rockets. Albeit a very nice looking jumble.

I sorta skimmed over the manual, ill read into it some more.

I agree, the outcome can be difficult to judge. The current statistics help a bit, but they aren’t detailed enough to really lead you in the right direction.

I found the best way to test out new builds was to make challenges and send them to myself. That way, I can play both sides of the battle to see how well it works.

Yay i beat the lagoon nebula, after replacing some missiles with lasers and telling my frigates to keep moving. Really surprised at how deep this game seems to be. Oh, these challenges everyone keeps talking about, how do you access them? The challenges button on the main menu is grayed out for me.

I bought the game via impulse and did not receive a registration code or download link. I don’t think it downloaded the latest version either. 1.14 beta.

ingame you should press button “Online” i think and enter the key - that enables one to use challanges. If you have not received the key - contact cliffski maybe.

Ok i found the key, am now able to play challenges.