Just buyed, some suggestion.

First of all, congratulations for the game!

I have some suggestion:

  1. In 3 deep panel, when clicking close should be better to return to previous panel instead of main screen.

  2. After save a game, should be better to return to main screen and not to Quartely report. For example, a minister resign, I hired and new minister, saved the game and then returned to Quarterly report so the game asked again to choose a new minister.

  3. Before delete a save game, please add a confirmation dialog.

  4. Consider also to add an option to ask player his screen resolution before first start: game auto setted resolution to 1066x768 instead of 1600x900 and went to black screen. Pressing ALT+TAB, CTRL-ALT-DEL, CTRL-SHIFT-ESC no success. So I was forced to press “reset” buton on the case.

  5. When elected for the first time will be useful a dialog for choosing ministers instead of randomly choosen ministers. Obviously the choose should be free. Subsequently changes and changes at re-election remain with the spend of Political capital points.

  1. Also, why not “Sport”? Increase health, reduce alchool consumption, reduce crime. But we can have sport drug controls… Which substances are allowed? Doping? Sport gambling? Increase tourism? Try to host Olympics?