Just did the 80,000 point battle and got no Honor.

I used a fleet of what I call OWP (Orbital Weapons Platforms, an old Starfire term) cruisers – no engines, extra armor and shield. Escort frigates and friendly fighters to deal with the enemy fighters. OWP cruisers have plasma and lasers. I finished the mission with no difficulty (lost no cruisers) and got 0 Honor. This happened earlier today with a different mission. I don’t remember if I used OWPs for that one.

This was the first time I fought this battle. Are we penalized for using OWPs or for not losing enough of a percentage of our fleet?

I frequently finish battles in “campaign” without a single loss and if the honor resource is even slightly lowered from previous attempts I get the extra points.
So not sure what happened here, I doubt it is a bug considering how much I played and never encountered it nor did anyone else post something like that.

Probably you just misunderstood something, and the ship setup is completely irrelevant.

Have you finished those challenges before, by any chance? I can’t think of any other reasons that could happen.

You need to have spend less than the last time you won that mission, you then get the difference in honor. So if you spend 75000 on a 0 loss fleet after you spend 60000 on a fleet that loses 70% but still wins, you will get 20.000 honor after the first battle, but no honor for the 0 loss battle.

This is so obvious that he is probably aware of it, but then again, what was immediately obvious to me doesn’t have to be so for everyone else…

I believe he said it was his first attempt.

Fleet comp and losses have no impact on honor. The only thing that matters is your budget. If you get 80000 points and spend them all you get zero honor. If you spend 70000 points you get 10000 points for a win, regardless of performance.

Wow! Thanks, guys. I redid the battle with a 55,000 point fleet of OWPs/escorts/fighters and got 25,000 or so honor. My money woes are over!