Just downloaded it for the first time

Great little game - I suck at editing so here are a few suggestions I might add.

  1. World opinion meter - could be positively influenced by foreign aid and negatively influenced by military size, border control, etc…

  2. Olympic games event - if your world opinion bar, GDP, and other factors get high enough you may receive this random event. It would, of course boost GDP and happiness for everyone.

  3. The sexual education policy - set from abstinence only (+ to religious and conservatives) to comprehensive (+ liberals, - poverty, + health)

  4. Tax enforcement agency - would be like the welfare agency but would help with those pesky tax dodgers

  5. Driving age - set from 14 (here in Michigan) to 21

  6. Media censorship option - like the internet censorship but would help with “media backlash” at the expense of liberals, etc…

  7. Abortions - from total ban to no restrictions

  8. Interstate highways - would be a boon to motorists and increase GDP, for a price of course.

  9. National language / religion, etc - patriots would love this but socialists and liberals wouldn’t

  10. Slavery reparations event - either pay, or not pay. Would boost opinions in various groups

  11. Impeachment - if your approval rating gets too low and the other political party wins the midterm elections, they can vote you out of office.

  12. Adding cabinet size and makeup to other nations (like the US)

  13. Living off of interest - if you have to pay a penalty for being in debt, why not be given a bonus for not being in debt? Would allow you to do more with your policies and lower taxes later in the game.

  14. Fixing the re-election bug. If you hit escape during the vote counting while losing you can still stay in office.

  15. I’ve gotten 100% of the vote a few times now…seems kind of weird that NO ONE would vote for the other person…not even himself.

  16. More clearly define the criteria for the medals. I’ve gotten 100% on the technological advantage meter and not gotten the medal for it.

  17. Flat tax option, instead of the progressive tax in the game. Conservatives would love it.

  18. After every event “overwhelmingly positive” is displayed for whatever political party is involved in the decision whether or not they’re for or against it.

  19. I think import tariffs should have more of an impact on the poor - since they would be most likely to buy it.

  20. Making the population size more match the nation’s actual makeup. Somehow I think there are more than 10 million people living in the US.

Here’s a shot of my current game. I’ve manage to get up to 100% in the elections for the 3rd straight time, running a huge surplus and reserve, nearly everyone is green and crime and poverty are totally gone.

If I can get 100% three times in a row, why can’t I get the “popular leader” medal?

Also add to the list:

Public versus Private healthcare slider (from 100% public, to 100% private)

Public would be popular with the poor, socialists, etc
Private would be popular versus capitalists and wealthy


Speeding fines for drivers. From nominal to punishing, would affect motorists opinion negatively, but state workers (police, fire) positively while bringing in more money.

I thought some of this stuff was already in the game?