Just got my hands on Redshirt (+some possible bug reports)

First of all: I like the game. I like the distinctive visual style and the animations. And it’s funny.

I recently finished my first round of the game by buying the discounted shuttle ticket, and I think I found a few bugs:

  1. In competitive events (where you can chose between playing assertively, sneakily or letting the others win), chosing the last option “let them win” seems to do the same thing as the second option “play sneakily” - you get the message that you play sneakily, and win or lose by doing so. I assume this isn’t intentional behavior of the game.

  2. When using the one action before work on work days to like something, the Like usually isn’t counted, but the action is used up.

  3. By repeatedly clicking on the “Spacebook” button, the messages/tags about events cycle through the different variations for the event they are about. It seems the game only knows that there is a message about a certain event, but not the exact variation of the message, and picks one randomly each time.

One thing I would have loved to see is some kind of scoring at the end of the game, e.g. points for leaving the station with lots of credits, skills or S.H.O.P. items, helping someone else escape the station, finishing the game quickly or escaping by one of the more difficult ways. The final score could be summed up as what the characters career after his escape will be like (up to prestigious jobs like starship captain, station commander or president of the Federation, maybe?)

It would also be nice if the list of acquaintances could be sorted by different criteria, e.g. rank, relationship, busy/available or alphabetically by name.