Just got the game, need help with catalysts

I think I have the basics down. I know to check for competing slots, and to get to the right concentration level. All goes well, the result from the mixer (in an example for ADHD) has both the cure and the catalyst at the active concentration level but when I go to attach the required upgrade machine and bring the concentration level down to get the upgraded cure, it is well below the cure concentration and the cure becomes inactive. I know I am not understanding something right, this is a basic cure combination. How do you get the lower concentration without losing your cure or your catalyst? Understand that I want to accomplish this as a basic machine task.

Upgrading a cure doens’t require it to be in the active range, nor the catalyst. In fact, upgrading requires its own active range. When hover over the cure it will say something like “(catalyst1) 7-11 Dissolver” which means you need to bring the concentration in between 14 to 18 and then run it through a Dissolver. No other values matter. Once you upgrade your cure you need to get the concentration up to a level where the new cure is active.

Example: Antipressants are active between 15 and 20. It upgrades between 7 and 11 using a catalyst1 and using a Dissolver to ADHD which is active between 15 and 20. Lets say the Antidepressants starts out at 13, you bring it down to 11 and upgrade it. The Dissolver brings it down to 10 and you now have ADHD but it is not active. Bring the concentration up to 15 and it will be active.

Thank you. So follow on question, do the two ingredients (cure and catalyst) have to be in active range prior to mixing?


And once you’ve upgraded, you can remove the catalyst too!