just got the game!

i am thoroughly impressed with this game so far. at a mere 55megs or so for the beta it is still a very fun game.

the only real problem i have seen so far is some text over-lapping on some screens. mouse control seems a little too fluid even with the slider bar adjusted. these are minor issues though. the one suggestion i can offer for the full game is to offer a more elaborate campaign mission or a conquer the universe mode like other 4x space games like Space Empires or Masters of Orion.

Fluid mouse issue - for me it was/is a problem too.

was: i reinstalled graphic drivers and apparently that fixed it, BUT…

is: sometimes when i select a lot of ships in deployment screen, my mouse starts to flow like in water. Only game restart helps.

Try running in windowed mode.

I use a pen tablet and have to run in windowed mode but it works so much better.

Of course there is the Maximized window bug still hanging around.

first time i played the game the very first thing i ever did was go to the options and see if there was either vertical sync or hardware mouse options that might fix the mouse cursor lag, i have played it in window mode ever since.

strange how such a tiny thing can make such a huge difference

I know this isn’t really the place to put this, but I’ve combed through the manual and tried to see if I can find anything on this topic. Can anyone help me on what the differences between hull variants are? Such as the difference between Frigates for instance. Does ship size actually have any bearing on how the frigates/cruisers/fighters behave in the game? Does ship size actually effect hit chances? Just basic questions like that.

Yep. Naturally the bigger the target the greater the chance to hit it. Also because fighters are so tiny, you can make them go like… I don’t know, near speed of 6? And frigates are medium ship so they go somewhere between 0,5-1,5 speed. Cruisers are biggest ships so they go slowest and that’s below 0,5 usually.

I think the difference between hull variants are mostly just the size, module slots and different kind of bonuses.

Is that only whilst those ships are selected? If so I may have a performance problem there that needs looking into. What kind of video card do you have BTW?