Just making sure

Thank you for making this game, I’m enjoying it very much. I saw Sips_ play it and knew it was something I would be into.

I’ve played about a week now and wanted to make sure the developers get some feedback and ideas (which I’m sure,at least, some is redundant) to make the best possible game.

I’m sure everyone knows the conveyor belts need a lot of work still. I don’t know why you have to buy and sell conveyor belts (and machines for that matter). Not really sure why I have to buy another conveyor on top of a conveyor (spending $200) and selling it to get $50.

How is there not a storage system as an unlock? I’d like to upgrade a storage unit that can hold 1 machine and 10 conveyors per upgrade (or something like that). I’d love to move conveyors around instead of buying and selling. And I’d love to buy straight conveyors, corner conveyors, and T-conveyors. They should be like the machines - movable, storable, and different ones purchasable.

Conveyors are finicky. When going into 2 pill makers, they sometimes have to have a buffer conveyor (i.e. pointing the pill makers up and right) because if they come out and directly into the out-shoot, it messes up the other pill maker right next to it and your efficiency drops because the conveyors are stupid. Other times (i.e. pointing the pill makers down and right) they seem to work find and no jam. By default, I think they should pull from attached machines first (if possible) if i’m not mistaken. Maybe its the order I place the conveyors, or some kind of minute timing error, which would be strange, because all conveyors move at the same time.

When moving machines and you right click, it should just move it back where you picked it up from, not sell it… super annoying. (or pick up and right-click to place in storage wink wink nudge nudge) (and right-click when not moving an object to pull something out of storage (knowwhatimeanknowhatimean)

I think the the upgrading system could be better and provide a player with more choices and techniques to achieve their goals. Since the game is always a race against time, I think it’s not important that an upgrade takes exactly x number of people, but you can put 1 person into a 2 recommended upgrade, but take him twice as long. You now have more decisions to make on whether to start on the next upgrade item or build up points to put on a reduce cost upgrade. Some projects could have a max # of people.

The game needs to start paused. Options for “pause when new tech research complete”, “pause when new discovery research complete”, “pause when new competitor product complete”. No one really plays the game on the fly when time is running.

The game needs another speed option - 10x speed… nothing is worse than sitting there waiting for another 2k when you have nothing else to do.

Debt payoff should have another option instead of only pay off entire debt - “Payoff as much as possible”, but you don’t really need that if you just put a “Payoff 10%” and you can just click it until the debt is gone or you run out of money to pay-down on it.

The “cures” page is really annoying how the medicines flip flop around when you get a new ingredient. I’d love a sort feature, but that is probably a lot to ask.
Alphabetical / Available / Price / Saturation / Supplied / Demand
Heck, maybe even letting the player customize the order by dragging and dropping.
I really think a horizontal orientation would work better on this page - more like the way the “company” page is setup, but with the same size boxes and information as what is currently on the “cures” page.

Analyzer % graph of how much it’s figured out stuff would be nice (of the last item that was put into it) - instead of just showing you what is going in there and disappearing. You have no idea if learning the max power of something is going to cost you $1,000 or $1,000,000.

I think the menu at the bottom could be in a better order:
Production - Cures - Ingredients - Research - Company
Now I’m just nit-picking, guess it’s time to stop, haha.

That’s all I have on the top of my head right now (besides the graphical errors when the game is paused 1/2 way through a conveyor/machine action).

Lovin’ it, keep up the good work.

must… go… play… more… big… pharma…

Just thinking a star rating on the side-effects would help determine how the game determines how serious the effect is (there seems to be a correlation between mild side-effects like dry mouth and serious side-effects like vomiting that determines the price) like a 1-5 star rating.

Just suggestions/ideas.

and on the bottom menu, the “company” icon is the only one not inverted.

Conveyors can’t go 4 way. I have 2 coming in and 2 going out and you can’t turn a 3-way T-conveyor into a 4-way conveyor. It is obvious which 2 are coming in and which 2 are going out.

Is it intended for these chromatographs to take up this much space? I’m talking about the conveyor belts to feed them and take away from them.

Here I’m showing you can’t go 4 ways even when the logic is sound. Do the conveyors have to have a 1 space buffer for machines when placed like this?


At the moment its not possible to have a 4 way junction no matter the logic behind it
what you can do depending on factory layout though to shrink the chromatographs
is what ive done here

Oh, I like it. Thanks