Just Purchased

I just purchased Kudos I had no problems with then Demo. but I keep getting errors and it wont let me download the updates with the full version. maybe its because I have windows 2000. its a really cool looking game.

Did you click refresh?

If you did then:
Do you have a firewall?

no but I have tried it several times, I got the game downloaded but when I try to start the game I get as far as the first page.

Can you get to the screen that says ‘Game Updates’?

Or what first page are you talking about?

eeek, what are the exact steps to get this crash? and is it a windows error, or a nice positech error that offers to email me. If it is, I didnt get the email. is there any error message?

If the game crashes, there should be files in the games ‘debugdata’ subdirectory. emauil them all to me at cliff AT positech.co.uk and I’ll look at it right away.

it was a windows error it said kudos has generated an error and windows needs to close

but the demo works fine? theres no difference at all in the engine. So you get an error the moment the game starts?
Could you reboot and try it again?

I have tried restarting I am defragmenting now to see if that works. it gets to the character select page and after I choose one then I get the error.

defragmenting didnt work, this is getting annoying. the error also says something like: IERROR: Failed writing local web copy

-Edit- That didnt work either, just more errors. I feel like I am getting ripped off I hope this isnt the case.

Its the first days of release, some bugs are inevitable, but i’m sure cliffski will work hard on fixing these issues, its his livelyhood after all!

can you email the files in the ‘debugdata’ directory to cliff AT positech.co.uk. It sounds like the game cant write local files. I presume that you are the administrator of your machine, or you dont have restricted access to it? this could be the problem, because it sounds like you just don’t have persmission to create files.
This is tested as a limited user under windows XP, but I havent been able to test a limited user under Windows 2000, so that could be it.

Thanks for your help, I am the only one that uses this computer, I have emailed you. and I also want to apoligize if I sounded rude in my earlier post.

This should be fixed (plus many other issues) in this patch:

positech.co.uk/kudos/patches … 0to101.exe

If you buy after 9PM GMT on Friday, you have version 1.01 which is fixed :smiley:

I must say, the whole thing went like a dream for me this morning – demo worked fine, online buying nice and smooth, full download installed in seconds and yay, extras downloaded was a nice touch :slight_smile:

Cheers – and thanks!


this is cool, I like that there have been updates already. I defintely plan on purchasing some of the other games.

I am looking forward to more mods.

what is the highest paying job in the game, I want to try that career path.

I suspect its corporate law.

I bought this game several years ago and have since changed computers I am wondering if it is possible to redownload this. thanks

I figured. this is why I dont like download games if I have the game CD them I know I have a backup in case something happens I can reinstall. oh well I guess.