Just updated to build 1.15!

Hope you like the new changes. here is a list of whats new:


  1. The People Smuggling dilemma options now also impact future immigration levels.
  2. Faster game start.
  3. Some previously hidden effects are now visible: The policy outputs that affect a policy cost or income.
  4. The sort order for potential ministers, voter groups and inputs/outputs to sim values and situations are all now saved.
  5. Illegal Immigration amnesty dilemma now has effects on future immigration.
  6. Rebalance of some events to happen more or less often.
  7. Rebalance of all dilemmas to make trigger frequencies more sensible
  8. Customizable party colors.
  9. Editable minister names (just click on them).
  10. Fixed issue where older modded policies caused errors when loading.
  11. Some performance increases for low-spec video cards.

Crashed after i’d hit the play button on first load since the update

Just went and played for 2nd time since update. It did not crash

Working on my end. There is a bug that makes it so sometimes the policy bubbles don’t have text when you hover over them to see the connections.

Hmmm, thats interesting. Are you able to grab a screenshot next time that happens? (just hit the printscreen key on your keyboard and it will dump a file in \my documents\my games\democracy 4\screenshots

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Since we have customizable party colors now, you think it’d be possible to set at the start of the game 2-3 voter types the party is meant to cater to, perhaps as a way of getting certain ministers from the start? You could do the same for the other two parties, so that the most similar party becomes the coalition partner.


I’m not totally against picking initial ministers (although that actually has technical implications because ministers affect various things that are already pre-simulated before the game starts), but I’m not sure aligning opposition parties to particular groups is possible, because that then ties them to certain positions, which then mean they cannot adjust automatically to either oppose, or more closer to the players position over time.

Trust me, thats a whole can of gameplay and design worms :smiley:


I agree that tieing parties to groups would limit gameplay. You might not want to please groups