Keep Moving After Formation/Escort

Currently we cannot have Keep Moving Tag with Escort or Formation. I suggest allowing both tag.

Let Escort/Formation override the Keep Moving tag, and only after Escort/Formation breaks do Keep Moving begin to work. This should be fairly easy to implement relatively speaking, and will make a mix of frigate/cruiser or long range/short range much more feasible.

I agree whole heartedly. i would love to be able to issue command for ships to execute after a formation is broken. even more than this i would love to be able to have a formation order that allows a distance to be set before it is removed. If this were to happened we could easily ensure frigate do not overtake before aggression is dealt to tanks or front line ships.

If you could stack movement orders, it might happen that people could end up stacking formations. Then no formation would EVER break :confused:

Nobody is talking about stacking orders, just the keep moving order within escort/formation. If your ship escorts a ship that is destroyed, then the keep moving order activates. Its very simple. We all now that the movement of the ships on escort/formation is limited, so we dont worry about not allowing keep moving while the escort/formation is active. That is reasonable. Wat it is not, its to end your escort order and not be able to keep moving for firing with all your weapons. Thats illogical.