Keeping Hate

Right now in the VN Survival challenge, I have 2 tanks (Eagles) and like 9 DD ships (Panthers) loaded with MWM.

What I have an issue is, how do I keep my tanks holding hate while my DD’s pound the enemies? Now in regular challenges, thats fairly easy… put the tank in front … they attack it first… but in Survival you don’t have that benifit… Enemies (mobs) will pop up all around you.

Now Matt says specialization is key… which so far (since i have hit #18 on VN) I say he must have something right. The best defence is a good offence.

I would have to think in order to procede much further, I need the enemies to focus on my tanks… and not my DD’s.

Am I SOL or are there good tricks. Yes, I do have token weapons on my Tanks.



Just doing my part to knock Matt off the high score :slight_smile: (J/K)

the tanks don’t serve the same purpose here. They pick up the initial fire, and are anti fighter/missile platforms. Think of them that way, not as thick armor’d brutes