My first suggestion, really simple.

Right click shouldn’t delete. Period.
For a way to delete things, we should have a delete tool. Like bulldozer.
Press B, goes into delete mode, left click things. Or shift left click for resource conveyors.
If nothing else, right click should rotate stuff. Not everyone has a middle mouse button (or is willing to use it).

Also, when placing buildings, let me shift-click to place multiple copies.
Some buildings should be easily movable, like the research center. It’s just a bunch of furniture, it’s not welded to the ground.
No idea for a keybinding for this yet though.

Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

There is a delete tool, all the way at the bottom of the list of items you can place. That said, as someone who likes having right click for delete, being able to rebind keys and mouse buttons would be more useful in general.

I want shift-click for multiple placement, though. I keep trying to do this and it keeps failing. :frowning:

I’m all for being able to customize key bindings, even having them just listed would be immensely useful for seeing what our tools are.

I would definitely like hotkeys in the game.

It can be tedious to click on things to get what you want.