Keyboard Bug Mac 1.60 (paid version)

The game is doing weird things when I type characters on my keyboard. No other application is having this problem.

For example, pressing the right arrow key instead results in typing “f” and the ESC key is “-” … it’s completely impossible to name ships or give any commands via keyboard.

I have not modified the game. It’s running on a 2012 MBP Retina Display. The game was running fine months back when I first downloaded it. Now it’s having this problem.

While Positech created the game, Red Marble Games created the Mac OS X port of it. You should probably send a help request here.

Shall do. Thank you.

Just for the sake of closing the loop:

Red Marble responded to me promptly and lamented that they hadn’t got around to updating the Apple App Store version of the game yet. They offered to send me the proper updated version if I could provide a receipt, which I don’t have because I don’t keep receipts for App Store purchases.

It’s now been over a month and they still have not updated the App Store version. This means that EVERY SINGLE PERSON who purchases this game from the App Store has a broken game.

I realize Positech is not in a position to fix this directly but I felt it was worth letting you know how Red Marble has dealt with your customers so you’d be forewarned on any possible future collaborations with them.

Four months now with no help from Red Marble Games. I sent a followup email a week ago and never heard back.

Version 1.60 is still for sale through the Mac App Store. Ratings on iTunes are almost all one star. This version of the game (or port) is terribly broken. When will it be updated? I paid for a game that does not work and appears to be receiving zero support.

We’ve offered to provide you a copy of 1.62, which fixes the problem; you decided to wait for the App Store update. That’s been delayed longer than it should, we agree, and we’ll get that submitted promptly.

Respectfully, that’s not quite how it happened. Here is the actual text from the email exchange:

21-Apr-13 from Red Marble Games: "Oh, right, we need to update the App Store version. If you’d prefer that we send you an updated version now, we’re happy to do so; do you still have your receipt?"

21-Apr-13 from me: “I no longer have the email receipt from the App Store. I look forward to getting the automatic notification from the App Store when you’ve updated the version there. Thank you.

There was no further reply from RMG. Nor was there ever a reply to my followup email on 11-Aug-13.