When you buy and practice the keyboard is that the same as the piano skill needed for pianist jobs?

Yes it is. Damn my silly confusing naming. Sorry!

No it isn’t.

At least not in the Yahoo version. I saved my money built up my “keyboard skills” but could not apply for any of the jobs. And yes, I had my skill high enough.

It irritated me because I spent a lot of time to save up $900 and then build up my skill (over 30%) and found out there was a glitch.


Damn. there is indeed a glitch. I can’t understand why this hasn’t been reported before. Its an easy fix though. stay tuned.

Ok fixed. there is a new file here: … vities.csv

save this file into your


directory, (overwrite existing) and it should be fixed.

even if you have a save game where you have practiced keyboards, that old practive will be useless. BUT! it can be fixed like this:

Open up your save game using windows notepad (or similar)
search for this:


and change it to:


then save it and load it
I really recommend backing up your whole game + savegames before doing this.

If anyone has problems, or that doesn’t fix it for you, let me know,

(Ill put this into the next patch for non-yahoo users).

See, and here I thought keyboarding might have been (computer) typing practice. :slight_smile: