Keylogger Detected on Multiplayer sign in !

I’m not going to risk this until I’m sure this is a false +ve.

Any comments anyone?

What the …?

Obviously GSB traps user input when it is running and has focus, otherwise the keys wouldn’t work. Quite how kapersky equates that to being a ‘keylogger’ any more than firefox is a keylogger is beyond me.
I’ve found the worst debilitating system-hogging, unstable malware ever developed to be Norton internet Security, so it wouldn’t surprise me to discover Kapersky was just as inept :smiley:

GSB doesnt have a keylogger in it. If it did, I’d be pretty retarded to sell it as a limited company registered with UK companies house, and in my own name :smiley:

Administrator, please google for this C++/C# library/routines and check if such events have occured in the past.

Anyway, my trustworthy (i had no viruses in 10 years) antivirus and other protection software does not detect any threat whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it must have been really scary when your anti-virus freaked.
But the program you are using has been hailed as the king of false positives, in the past :slight_smile:

Kaspersky? more like Krapersky AMIRITE?
Seriously though, what need would there be for a key logger when the passcode you use is the one that’s given to you?
Ignore that alert unless it’s a virus/trojan on your computer.

The real possibility is that a person has a virus that infects exec files. Then any executable could contain keylogger/virus.

I’m using the Windows 7 version of Kaspersky (Beta) and have had absolutely NO response from it in response to GSB…or the Updaters

Hmm I’m running it on a recent install of XP (SP3)…I have installed Arklight, Etherlords 2 and GSB (all via impulse) in the past few days and all are fine. I don’t ever used cracked or other dubious software…

It’s the 1.10 GSB updater that’s triggering this…every time it tries to run…

Just ran a full scan - nothing but some vulnerabilites (4 of the 5 of them around flash unsurprisingly) - no viruses, trojans or keyloggers…

I have the fully up to date Avast installed on my machine, and it has not batted an eye about GSB. With that and all other info on this thread, pretty sure you can chalk it up to a false positive.

OK thought I’d try an experiment.

All the above was on my 17" laptop.

I used impulse to download a duplicate of GSB onto my upstairs desktop. It also runs XP3 and the same version of Kaspersky 2009 (I have a 3 user licence).

I was trying to duplicate the false positive…

This time I was able to register online and got no red flags.

I guess the good news is this means GSB is in the clear.

So now I’m unsure if my laptop is harboring something (even though it’s clean on a full scan) or whether there was something else different about the laptop set-up or the version of GSB downloaded last week that threw this up…


I think it might be because when GSB downloads a patch, it creates a new process to run the installer and then quits. Of course, a lot of evil malware will do a similar thing, put a tiny exe on your machine which then downloads a bigger more evil virus, and then quits and runs the new program silently. So maybe your AV program treats any app which does this as suspicious. As I understand it, many apps like itunes etc get around this by running as a service, which apparently is more trustworthy, but I just don’t get how that is a viable defence, because anyone (including malware writers) can write a service too.