Kicked off the Bowling Team, Even after reload

I was playing a game where my Dental Appointment, Class and Bowling Match was all on the same non weekend day (as in only one activity). I picked Dentist and I was kicked off the bowling team. I reloaded a save just before it and I am still no longer on the bowling team, the match was not there anymore and I was unable to go to the Dentist as well… just the class. I have played through a few days and neither one came up again. Did I break my game by doing this? Will they ever re-invite me to the bowling team or am I pretty much SOL?

I do have the save of that day. I saved just before I picked anything so it was the day of the events in question. However it looks like any normal day with only a class. I don’t know how much help it will be but if you need it than by all means, I’ll send it.

Any help appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, is this the very latest version (1.03)? If not, there may be a bug that affects the bowling team, which AFAIK is now fixed. It is possible that depending when you saved and when you went bowling, that if you created a game before the bug was fixed, that it might be corrupted with regards to bowling.
Unfortunately the bowling team never recover their hurt pride and invite you back, it’s an all or nothing thing.

This is the latest version. I think I have had it since day one but I did try to apply a patch the other day. It failed though (I spoke of this in another thread) so I do not think that is it. If you think it still applied the patch anyway, it might have fixed it and I just don’t know about it.

Would it be a separate bug that some things leak over even after a reload? I have also had this with the cleaning crew. I got that service while shopping but decided to reload due to another reason, however I still had the service but had not gone shopping in this save. I assumed it was the same deal.

Hmmm interesting I will investigate that as a possible bug.