Knockback effect is annoying

I’ve been running my way through some challenges. Ships that have the ability to take a hit and slide far back, when I’m close to winning the battle I knock the ships off the play field and then I can’t see the action. I wind up admitting defeat because it seems as though I won’t be able to watch my victory. Even at 4x speed I become bored waiting for the misc action off screen to be finished.

What version? Should be fixed in latest 1.03b

I recently had a very strange effect, where 4 squadrons of torpedo fighters were shooting a cruiser. They’d fire, fly forward, they’re torpedoes would hit and knock the fighters back to where they started, and the procedure would repeat again. Maybe knockback could be reduced on the small hulls, there being a smaller surface area? This could also tie into the stopping AOE massacring a fighter swarm instantly.