I’m trying to get a job as a reporter but for the like of me Icant raise my knowledge(iq) Ive bought about every single but that sounds good for it ut it just wont go up!!

Knowledge(IQ) is more of a “current events” thing, like a less culturey version of Knowledge(culture). The quickest solution is to watch the international news, and pick up a news magazine whenever you go shopping, though both of these will affect your happiness.
If I’m not mistaken, a broadsheet subscription should also help, as will certain websites and possibly the encyclopedia, but I haven’t had much success with any of those.

Waves Evenin’ peoples!

Glancing through the game files, IQ_Knowledge can be increased thusly:

1.) Magazines:
a. Celeb News Magazine
b. International News Magazine

2.) Movies:
a. Leaping panda, sleeping rodent
b. The Battle of Austerlitz!
c. Vladimir and Dimitri
d. Zulu Sunset
e. The longest night

3.) TV
a. International News

4.) Assets/Shopping
a. Broadsheet Newspaper
b. Encyclopedia 2008

5.) Jobs
a. Small random chance for a tiny boost when working as:
i. Lawyer
ii. TV Presenter
iii. Physicist
iv. Doctor

From memory some of these have degrading IQ_Knowledge (e.g. magazines), but for the most part they’re permanent.

Good luck with your quest for knowledge and/or power :slight_smile:

Wayno, more knowledgeable than 2 baby rhinos