Known Bugs (that I'm fixing now)


ok 1.16 is on the patch page now:

1.16  Fixed literature not rising bug.


I noticed that the messages that come up for your romantic partner are blank. The boxes come up, but there is no text in them.


really? in what version? i might have missed a file if you patched it to that version possibly. was this after a patch?


I think it was 1.15 to be honest, but I did start the game with 1.14 so it might have been a glitch. I’ll see if I can recreate with 1.16 and a fresh character.


Ok, it’s a very minor thing, but here it is…

When you hit the funny shaped hat button to select a school, the “drama” school icon is the same as the “law” school. Using the one that is already used for the entertainment jobs would be grat. My lawyer has already began two acting courses because of fast-clicking.

Great game, BTW


damn! well spotted. Im fixing it now.


I’ve noticed that after a few moments, images of bugs start to crawl across the screen in the background when I’m playing.


Whenever I load a saved game from before my weekday activity, the message in the lower right-hand corner always says that it’s “time for sleep” (even though the clock is grayed out) or, if I saved in the middle of a Saturday or Sunday, that I only have one activity left (even though I’ve still got two). Also, if I save immediately before performing a job search, then load the game immediately after said search, my activity for that day/half-day is still gone, even if I closed the window without actually searching for a job. (Something to do with the autosave, which I never use, maybe?)

Several mispellings escaped the typo police:

On the Pets shopping submenu, “eases” instead of “ease” under Cat, and “pusscat” instead of “pussycat” under Cat Food.

On the Books submenu, “beginning’s” instead of “beginner’s” under Basic Medicine.


Have you cleaned your house lately?


Eddy is correct. The bugs are an indication that your house needs cleaning. If you have a pet (or two), the bugs will occur more often.


Ok, I have successfully recreated the glitch.

This happened twice. The first was when I purchased a romantic gift for my partner. The box appeared, but no text showed up. The second was when my female character (who is dating a woman) went out with a man alone to play chess. The message came up blank, the relationship score was lower and I saved the game afterwards.

I am running 1.16 but it is not a new download, rather an incremental install from each earlier version.

I have altered one of the text files (for degrades and such to make it easier for me, and will include it as well, but I don’t see what my alterations have to do with this.


One weird little thing happened, and it might have just been a glitch. I applied for a science job (I don’t remember which one) and when I got the call that I had a job offer, it was for a bodyguard, for the same salary. Next time I applied for a better science job and got a job offer for a chef, for the same salary. I didn’t pay attention to the job titles though, sorry. The third science job I applied for, I got. :laughing:


oooh thats weird. anyone else got this? I’ll investigate.


A bit ago, I reported the mysterious oddity that my education/training box was spilling into my employment box. I rather sheepishly (and with a red face) report that I discovered why. I have my desktop sent on the largest display because I detest tiny icons and tiny print. When I set it on a smaller setting ~cough~ the boxes were correctly set, and it cleared up the tiny problem of the e-mail envelope bleeding into the icons at the bottom as well. :blush:


phew. thats bizzare though, you were somehow running the game below 1024 x 768 res I guess?
Cool that its fixed anyway.


I am running into the same glitch as Eddy (blank dialog boxes from my romantic partner).
No user-made modifications.

My character is male with a female partner.


this was my fault. I screwed up the last patch. if your edownlaod the patch now, it works fine, and that bug is fixed, but stupidly, it wont recognsie the new exe, so wont run. If you still have your original installer, (or can redownlaod it), do that, then rerun this patch and itll work.
If that all sounds like grief, email me with your order number / name, and Ill send you a new link.

next patch should be ready very soon btw. (new pets!)


There is one other, itsy-bitsy thing. :smiley: IQ is very hard to raise as you have to raise all areas. This is fine; it’s a challenge. However, I have noticed that IQ deteriorates! This doesn’t seem realistic and it’s making it impossible for me to try to qualify for the higher-level science jobs, even though my avatar has completed every available science class.

Is it possible to have IQ deteriorate only on the hardest level? I’m fighting a losing battle, even with a couple of “reasoning” friends and a ton of books. If I work at maintaining his social obligations, sometimes several days go by before I can crack another book and by then, his IQ is down a few points! It has been the most frustrating part for me. :smiling_imp: Either that, or let us do more than one activity during a weekday? Though that may make it too easy; I just know I’m ready to strangle the friends constantly barraging him with invitations on class days! :slight_smile:

Um, and any suggestions for lowering the frequency of break-ins and muggings? :laughing: I feel like my avatar is living in a tenement slum in the worst city on earth! No biggie, though. I always take Kung Fu and buy a burglar alarm (or dog) as soon as I can afford it, hee hee.


You can edit the config.txt file yourself. Look for C:\Program Files\Kudos\config.txt and look at the last four lines. Change them to 1.00 for no degrading at all.


this is all interesting feedback. You can also adjust the burglary and mugging levels in that same file if you can’t wait.
Also note that people who have muscles don’t get mugged. Muggers aren’t stupid :smiley:.