Known Bugs (that I'm fixing now)


Thanks for the hints on how to lower burglary/mugging!

Eddy: can I also lower muscle decay there? My avatar usually cycles to work but even then requires nearly daily workouts just to maintain a muscle level… I have found it impossible to keep muscles high and also remain social outside the weekends.


arnold schwarzenegger apparently missed his own fathers funeral to go to the gym. (so I read). See! its like real life!


I didn’t see anything immediately obvious for muscles.


buy the weights. Archery improves muscles a bit too. I think visiting the gym does too.


“Cheat” found: If you hold off buying pet food until the post-it note appears, by clicking on it you can go shopping, but it does not count as an activity.

Love the new pets by the way :slight_smile:


Eeek, thanks for reporting that!


Dang, there goes one of my favorite loopholes.


new patch 1.18


1.18 Fixed limit on social activities so its the full 10, not 8 Fixed bug with the Interests on social window displaying utranslated text Fixed bug where acting job names were not translated on loaded games Fixed bug where keyboard skills were ignored for job purposes. Fixed bug that allowed you to enroll for a course you had already completed Fixed exploit where saving and loading a game gave you todays activities back


Great. Though I still lose kudos for saving/loading. :cry: (I cannot see any other loss of statistics. IQ is now stable between Save/Load :smiley: )

Although loss of kudos from saving/loading could be defended as a feature :smiling_imp:



The kudos being lost on save / load will be fixed in 1.19


There is a bug to do with loading save games (can’t find interest…) which I am determined to fix today.


Patch 1.19 should be up now, fixing a few bugs (see the patches page)

1.19 Music now mutes when you alt+tab away from the game Fixed bug where kudos would seem to change from saving and then loading a game Fixed bug where a social event claimed to give twice as much unique activity credit as it did. Improved visual placment of descriptions Capped number of social pairs shown on the social kudos screen

hopefully this fixes the load / save bug with interests. let me know if it doesnt.


I had originally purchased from BigFish and when I saw that none of the patches apply, I dumped it and reloaded YOUR version. It says I have v1.18. Is this the very latest version with all the patches included? I was thinking that there is a way now to move your skills and friends around so I could see more of a specific part. The only difference is that now I seem to be working with British money.

Where if any are the patches that apply to this version?


The latest patch (v1.19) can be found here:

It’s shiny!


do u have to download the patch to get upgrades?


Will it let me play 1.17 saved games without any changes?


hmmmm to be honest I’m not sure. maybe worth backing up your current directory before installing it, just in case.


Did as you suggested, upgraded, and ran a saved game from 1.17 without problems. :slight_smile:


Heehee! That’s awesome. :smiley:


Yes, that is still the fact (v.1.19). Not that I have anything really against, though :wink: There could be, however, some logic in that if you walked the dog to the store :slight_smile: but then walking the dog should result in some tiredness (which can be easily added in assets).

Yep, once you have a pet, you don’t have to lose any of your precious time in shopping. I assume your pet takes care of that :question:

Any more cheats?


Well, I read a story in the paper’s “odd news” where a pet owner did that. They trained the dog to go to a nearby shop and they’d pin a note to, for lack of a better term, saddlebags the dog would wear. The shopkeeper would fill the order, take the money in one of the bags, and give change then send the dog on its way. Maybe that’s the reason you can do this?