Known Bugs (that I'm fixing now)


Yes thats right, Its not a bug. nosiree.


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Okay. I’m probably being dense here and I think I’ve asked this before, but, can I patch up from 1.08 straight to 1.18?

I tried, and I got patch failed. I remember ages ago though when I tried to upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9 maybe that I got the same patch failed error. I run the .exe, the installer does its things, I choose to start the patch programme and I just get a message saying ‘patch failed’.

Any ideas/solutions?



I saw a couple odd bugs playing the game for ths first time last night. I’m using the v1.19 full version. A few odd things happened:

  • in the first few days, my new char was offered and international law job starting at 50k. I didn’t have any skills and I didn’t apply for the job so I’m not sure why it was offered. I imagine this is a bug?

  • A few times during playing (played for a few years game time), my entire list of friends was wiped. Not sure why – I was clicking through the game pretty fast but I’d always go out with friends if they called me so I don’t know why they’d all vanish at once like that…



that sounds very weird, I’d suggest uninstalling and reinstalling because it sounds like something screwed up.


I think you need to patch to 1.11 first, theres instructions of the patch page, or email me your order number and i can give you a new link


New version and patch out today, version 1.20. Changes:

1.20 Changed background rendering so older cards don't fail Added keyboard control for some dialogs with right and left arrow keys, and siome escape and return shortcuts Added 2 new jobs that require driving Added 2 new avatars, camoflague guy and brown top girl.


1.21 out today:

1.21   Fixed bug where crossword input didnt work.


1.22 done:

1.22 Fixed bug with same sex relationships and cheating on your partner causing a crash.


I purchased the game today (Final 1.15) - bugs:

  • cursor disappears
  • some avatars don’t show (blank)
  • windows (“career”“skills”, “you”, etc.) change color or are blank
  • saving game does not work

I deinstalled and reinstalled the game;

  • PowerMac G5 2.5, OSX 10.4.8

Thanks for any feedback


this is not bug but…

2 friends / 2 invitations in one day / 2 social activities --> second friend is included in the first one’s activity and first friend is included in the second one’s activity --> i must choose and ok i will choose first one’s social activity. is there reason for that :frowning: (disappointment) near the face of the other friend when he/she was there too? (included in invitation of the first one’s s.a.)? we were already enjoying that activity together!



I have this problem with a 1.22 version, was this supposed to be fixed already? or is it still a work in progress?


Fixed bug where reading a job rejection twice hit your confidence again!

That still happens to me? (I bought the official version not some other kind)

Is this because I upgraded from the demo?

Finally a somewhat hard to notice bug is that sometimes when your invitation is rejected there’s part of the message that says “thankyou” rather than “Thank you” with a space. :slight_smile:

(And I really don’t care too much about the confidence bug cause even though it’s annoying to lose confidence twice it acts as a “reminder” of what happened. Although wouldn’t the character just delete it?)


hi, when you say ‘upgraded from the demo’ what does that mean? did you buy the game here at positech or from yahoo / big fish games etc?


I mean I had the Kudos demo from postitech and then installed the final(bought) version over it? What should I do finish up my game saves and then do an uninstall and then install it clean?


Yes I recommend giving that a try. I will investigate and check it really is fixed.


Alright thank you. :slight_smile:


If you have more than one sticky note on the screen, they block your job salary and the job detail button. … ickies.jpg

Normally not an issue, but when I was looking for a new job that day and I wanted to see what my current salary was, I found it frustrating.

Also, if you click on the sticky dog food reminder, you can go shopping without spending an action on it.


sticky notes should be repositionable (in the original concept, "The notes use a unique low-tack adhesive that enables the Post-its to be easily attached and removed without leaving marks or residue, hence the actual name “Post-stick note”)


I purchased Kudos from Big fish games in Feb. of this year. I got sick of trying to play it because after about 11/2 years into the game it starts to freeze. I was looking on your web site to see if I could download a patch, but it says I shouldn’t need to with the big fish version. There are no messages that come up, but I always have to reboot my PC. Any suggestions? Oh and it is version 1.0. I really do like the game and would like to play it.


are you sure there are no other programs on your pc running in the background. nothing special happens to the game after that time, so it should continue to run fine. Have you asked bigfish? they wrap the game with some special code that may be causing you some trouble.