Known Bugs (that I'm fixing now)


There are no other programs running. After I save it a number of times and try to reload the game it will freeze and I have to reboot. It does this every time I try to go on the saved game. I can start a new game just fine but it always happens. I never can finish the game. Also sometimes when I get a phone call and answer it the game crashes. I noticed I do not have the option to buy hamsters as well. lol We have a top of the line system with tons of memory.


I bought my macintosh version of the game from Big Fish Games, and have noticed a few bugs…do I need to talk to them about them?

Anyway, here are my bugs:

When I practice with the saxaphone, the sax sound keeps playing in a loop, over and over and over again. The only way to make it stop is to totally leave the current game.

Even though there are 10 places in a socialise activity I can only invite 8 people?

If I have the music turned on, the entire game freezes briefly when it changes from one track/song to another. My fix has been to just turn the music off altogether and listen to Itunes.

Also, not a bug but a suggestion, it would be nice if acting jobs would let you know how much time until the job expires. I have taken the strategy of just getting a new job at a similar pay rate before I am unemployed because being unemployed is totally lame.


I am getting ready to download the demo from positech but I have the full Yahoo version and I am really flustered with it. I can’t use the skateboard to go to work with is one, and during one game I bought a car and was unable to use it.

I also downloaded the new avatars and can not get them to work in the Yahoo version. First it won’t recognise them then when I copied them into the files for avatars female portraits and backgrounds, the game wouldn’t load any of the avatars saying it failed to locate…

OT I am ignorant of modding, but I would like to make a couple of changes to my game. One would be to lower my tiredness as my fitness and muscles increase. To make it the same way as archery lowers your stress levels.

Another change I would like to add is the option to do two acivities during the week days but write in that if I do the second activity during the weekdays my tiredness increases.


Er, you do know, don’t you, that you have to have driving lessons before you can drive the car anywhere? Also, you don’t use transportation automatically once you buy it; you have to go into the transportation section of your work panel and change the method you use for commuting.


Hi ive just redownloaded the game from bigfishgames (full version) and the writing isnt showing up on the main screen and the other screens arnt right either, they looked streched and odd. I’m using windows vista if that might be the problem cause it worked fine on xp for me. I have a pic of it but have no idea how to upload it.


Hi, try turning off the vista sidebar.


I found a bug while playing yesterday … if your home is very dirty, then you take the cleaning staff service (that you pay each day), even if the flies disappear from your screen, people makes comment like your home is dirty and don’t want to go there … buf if I manually clean my house than have the clean service everything is fine


Yes that’s sort of by design. the cleaner will only ‘keep’ your house clean, it needs to be clean before you hire them, but that isn’t very clear I admit :frowning:


3D Card: Radeon 4850
Catalyst driver version 8.7
O/S: Winvista Ultimate x64 SP1
DxDiag.txt link:

Game version: Demo.
Extra avatars were installed before first running the program.

Having anti-aliasing enabled will cause all of the text to be vacant from the game. I have not checked other AA settings; I’ve seen this on 4x AA (enabled via control panel of course).

This only affects the game when it is in full screen mode. It does not matter if it launches into full screen or if it is toggled into full screen after launching as a window. The behavior is still present.

Toggling into windowed mode or launching into windowed mode will allow the text to be visible, but switching to full screen will cause the text to once again no longer be visible.

Here is an image:

The text in the rest of the game is vacant as well.

I searched the board for: Radeon as well as AA, anti-aliasing, and anti aliasing . Hopefully I am not missing an obvious post that is reporting this problem.


Hi I just bought Kudos, after your slashdot expose’

I’ve found a couple of bugs.

The first is that I think you aren’t freeing some memory someplace that you should be. The mouse gets slower and slower and starts being unable to pick up objects etc. Saving the game and then quiting/starting seems to fix it up. This bug is really annoying, and is the type of thing that if I had seen in the demo would have prevented me from buying.

The second bug isn’t so bad. I finished a game, and was asked if I want to upload the character to the Internet. I declined, and then started to make a new character. As soon as the character was made it gave me the same results as the previous character and asked if I wanted to uploaded it to the Internet. (new game means cleaning out the variables of the old game).

The third bug, is the driving lessons disappeared from the community college. I had them in my things that I could do on my own though. So I bought a car, but wasn’t able to drive it to work. I assumed this was because I hadn’t had enough driving lessons. So my favourite activity for the year was driving lessons. I never could drive that car to work.

All in all very enjoyable, and I wish you success.


I had the same problem as the poster above, regarding the cleaning service.

Hm… that doesn’t make much sense. What kind of cleaner keeps a house at the exact dirt level he/she found it? It should basically be equivalent to running “clean your house” every day (or every couple of days), no?

In any case, I tried manually cleaning the house, and nothing changed (people would still refuse to come to my place). Was the “cleaner” now making my house dirtier, to keep it at the level it was when I hired him?

Since your friends don’t specificaly mention the dirt, I thought it was because I’d bought a pet, and they were allergic or something (their message was “Come to your place? I might catch something!”). And since there is no way to get rid of the pet (let it starve?), I couldn’t check for sure.

Anyway, after saving the game, exiting, and loading again, all those people would now come to my place, but now (despite having the cleaning service), I have “dirt” on the screen. Not much, and no pet pawprints or flies (yet, at least), but there are some smudges on the middle / top of the screen.

So there definitely seems to be some bug(s) with the cleaning service.

A few more bugs I’ve noticed:

If I alt+tab out of the game and back in, the background gets messed up and some icons disappear. It goes back to normal the next game day. Radeon 3850, latest drivers, no forced AA or AF.

When doing the crosswords or playing the videogame, I often get the message “Your IQ got slightly higher” although there was no change at all to my IQ.

Sometimes I get invited for two events in the same evening. Event 1 is organised by person A and includes me and persons B and C. Event 2 is organised by person B (who is also participating in Event 1). If I accept event 1, person B gets mad at me for not accepting her event, when in fact he / she had already accepted event 1, which he / she then attended with me. It should never be possible for a person who is confirmed as participating in one event to organise another on the same evening.

The 5th friend I got had exactly the same portrait as the 3rd one. The game should avoid using identical faces for two people unless all faces have been used up.

Burglars keep stealing my books and pet toys while leaving my valuable stuff. Is what gets stolen totally random? Just seems unrealistic that someone will bother to steal a book and a scratching post, but leave a TV or gaming console behind. :slight_smile:


The game crashes every time in Windows and crashes after an hour or so on Windows XP.


Hi, I just bought Kudo and found this :

It is possible to attend multiple classes and accept every invitations you get for one evening by using “Enter”. It doesn’t check if the button is disabled.

Also, you can go indefinitely to the gym by using the same method. If you are too tired, it makes you watch TV instead.


Hi i brought kudos yesterday from bigfish and since that i’ve relised NO patches work for it at all… and i cannot play with out any patches because the bottom of my monitor goes all funny when i try to play and it does not let me do anything else…I tryed searching google, contacting big fish and ive had nothing back at all, ive even created a thread on this fourm and still ive had 1 reply which didnt realy help…


hi, you have to talk to bigfishgames about problems with a copy bought from them, the patches here are for the direct version only.


same problems, except I have the copy from best buy. in game it claims to be from oberon media and Zero G games?


I have the same problem too. except that I bought mine from Gamestop. After you make a new character( or even just make the character in the ‘learning how to play’) the bottom 1/8 of the screen goes all wonky and its like part of that character creation screen is permanently pasted on there.


You know I replayed this game after many years and noticed few bugs, so came here to see if there are any latest patches. My bottom left screen says ZeroG 1.0, will the patches 1.11 and 1.12 work ?

If they don’t, negative kudos, patches should be for all versions of the game, not just for copies brought directly from here. I don’t think there’s any point contacting the middlemen (as already tried fruitlessly by many users here from some of the comments), only the end developer can do anything about the bugs…

Bugs that bothers me,
Learning to drive takes more money and time compared to learning something like particle, astro physics etc…
The bug mentioned above about 2 of your friends inviting you to different events and one of them going on both events… how can one organize and take part in another event at the same time (and he gets an angry icon on him either way)
Inability to hook up with someone after a breakup, no matter how long you remain friends with afterwards… attraction bar remains empty forever after breakup.
As the skills bottom left rectangle bar increases, it overlaps on the friends of the friend avatars… shift some on the right side where there’s plenty of space.
Socializing doesn’t affect happiness much, it’s too random.
Fitness, health attributes also seem a bit random, a lot of activities don’t affect it when they should.


Hi… soo I tried playing the demo Kudos 2 and after awhile, it would crash for no reason. The only thing I can think of is whenever the Dentist thing came up, regardless of if I go to it or ignore it, the game crashed after that happened. Which is the reason why I haven’t purchased it. I don’t want to buy something that is broken.

I’ve attached the screenshot of what it says.