Kudos 2 ported to the iPhone?

Just a suggestion Cliffski, but ever thought of putting Kudos 2 on the iPhone? I would think that a mobile version of Kudos, a stats turn-based game, would be a natural fit for the iPhone. I just bought Monopoly Here & Now Edition and Simcity, and both of them have very intuitive controls. Simcity’s interface may seem crowded, but it is actually done pretty well. Since Kudos 2’s interface is mainly clickable buttons, it would fit in nicely with the touchscreen controls.

Here’s a mockup I did with some screen capture software, paint.NET and a mock iPhone downloaded off google images (hosted on my webhost):

For the “on the way to work”, “at work” and “on the way back from work” screens, it could just be an overlay to this main interface. For other screens, like the job search, restaurant menus, etc, it could be a whole different interface, scrollable via swiping, as well. And of course, the iPhone screen is much sharper than that and is very good for displaying tons of text.

Would love to see a Kudos iPhone game! :smiley:

hmmm, interesting idea…

Can’t wait! :wink:

Cliff, from your recent tweet:

Votes Kudos for iPhone! :smiley:

Is there any news whether positech games will go/or already are on iPhone or Ipod Touch? I could see them working so nicely and they’d be so much fun to play on the go.

I was actually just looking through the appstore on my Iphone for turn based strategy life sim games. There are very few. I would enjoy seeing a Kudos game up for grabs. : D

Good news! I’ll definitely install Kudos on my iPhone!:wink:

Please bring kudos 2 on iOS!