Kudos 2 with Windows 7

Hi, I installed my new OS including all my other games and everything’s fine.
I also installed Impulse and Kudos 2.
Starting the game is possible, the menu shows up.
When I try to click on one of these buttons, the FPS drop to <10, the text and the buttons disappear.
I tried it with compatibility modes, but it seems I cant fix it easily.

Help please :slight_smile: I love the game!


Sounds like a driver issue with that release candidate, its unlikely that performance on games with anything but a final release copy will be as good as they should be.

The crash is from a beta version of Windows 7. I don’t think cliff is an official beta tester so I don’t think he could get ahold of it, especially since he’s quite against piracy so I doubt he’s going to download it from a torrent.

Not suggesting that he does wink wink but if Cliffski did want to play with Windows 7 there is a very easy, very official, very legal way to get a hold of Windows 7:
microsoft.com/windows/window … nload.aspx
However as it’s an RC it will eventually time-out, but not before “The RC will expire on June 1, 2010. Starting on March 1, 2010, your PC will begin shutting down every two hours.”

I did find that 2 hour window quite amusing. That’s easily enough time to crank out a game of Kudos :smiley:

Wayno, quick clicker extraordinaire

I don’t test games on a RC, because they tend to have early drivers and its almost always drivers that are the issue. With a game like Kudos, it does absolutely nothing fancy with the O/S, security privileges, file or memory access or the registry, so in a sense it will be totally unaffected except by drivers support.

I’m having the same problem, Windows 7 RC, got all my drivers sorted, all very stable, latest from NVidia, 32 bit version of the OS rather than 64.

It runs fine, sets up a new game… but any of the buttons on the bottom bar reduce the game to a blank UI and low frames per second. Happens on the same bottom bar from the main menu when trying to open the options tab. Same result when in windowed or full screen mode.

Ok, Windows 7 is RTM since some weeks and I tested it again:

-Windows 7 with Nvidia 190.62
-Windows Vista with Nvidia 190.62

The driver works for both operating systems. Kudos 2 works perfect on vista, but got the decribed bugs on windows 7.
Both systems were tested under exactly the same configuration, drivers and programs.

I have the full, professional version (as part of MSDNAA) of Windows 7…and have bought and downloaded the game. Works great so far!

I am trying to run the game in Windows 7 Professional also from MSDNAA and I have a Nvidia card with the latest driver set and it isn’t working… XP Mode will not work with 3D Games so that is out, I am at a loss for what to do. :frowning:

Tested the latest Nvidia WHQL and also Beta drivers, still the same old problem and no fix -_-

I have this problem as well. Cliffsky, you must patch this. This is the ONLY piece of software that I am unable to get to work in Windows 7. Its is THE operating system right now, and unless you want this fun game to be considered abandonware, you need to fix this issue.

I used to play Kudos about a year ago or more lol and thought I would have another go today.
So I downloaded the demo and Im running Windows 7-official version but guess what it come up saying it’s not supported with this operating system-any chance we can sort this out as loved the game.
However Im not sure which version I demo downloaded-just typed in kudos and went to the website and downloaded the demo so it could be version 1, if so do we know if any of the Kudos version work with Windows 7?

Any help on this would be ace.

Still no assistance huh. That is unfortunate. Same here, only piece of software I have aside from an imaging pos program, that doesn’t work for me. Really unfortunate. All the digi stores should put a warning on this title until/if it gets fixed.


I loved Kudos and Rock Legend, but I’m glad I checked the forum before buying Kudos 2. The day that Kudos 2 works reliably on Windows 7 with an Nvidia graphics card, that is the day that I’m buying it on Impulse. Just sayin’.

On second thought: I guess I probably won’t actually check back here every day. The week that it works, though, I’m there.

Have you tried the demo? the demo and full version should work the same way. It only seems to be certain video cards (not even all nvidia) that have this issue.

Yeah, I tried the demo, and it seemed like the same problem described above. The main menu looked fine, but the resolution was wrong for my monitor, so I clicked on options. At that point, the screen started flickering, and then the program crashed. I opened it back up and clicked on play, and the screen did the same flickery thing and no text or anything would display so I regretfully force quit it. My graphics card is Nvidia GeForce 9600 GSO, if that’s relevant.

Hope that helps. If there’s any other information that would be helpful to you, just let me know.

I got a Nvidia GTX 280 and on my laptop a 9600GT, on both systems the same problems.
Do you know which cards are affected? Maybe only the newer ones with the Unified Shader System (Nvidia 8800 and newer) got these issues, wouldnt be the first game where that happens :stuck_out_tongue:

Mines a 9800GTX+. None of these are of the “weak” card variety either. I too would like to know which nVidia cards with recent drivers don’t have this problem.

Impulse just updated my game to 1.09. It seems to have fixed the problem :slight_smile:

Sweet. Just bought it, and it works fine.

Good work Cliff.