Kudos 3 maybe?

Well I have yet to see much in the way of telling us if their will be a third one. I really feel like if the game had some more stuff and content with polishing it could be a real gem. While I am not saying one and two are not great they lack that constant replay you are looking for I have been an avid fan of kudos from day one and I still jump in and play my copies from time to time.

Great example the stats section seems GREAT wish I had some more classes options and jobs can be solved with something as simple as a mod so you can get that out of kudos 2 even shopping is a huge area I think needs to be expanded. I think we need more things to work on getting I mean we have a bloody dishwasher why not take it a step even more why not allow people to search and buy houses in areas the area u live in will effect rent costs or buying costs and how much you get robbed. Why not throw in stuff like stoves, washer and dryer, sofa, beds, sofa, sound systems, hot tubs, we can get into a relationship with people why not allow them to move in together and have two sources of income.

Pets again cat, fish, dog why not add birds, lizards, snakes, spiders, rats so on get some options going. Make it so you have small mini games you can play with your pets or interact even some more mini games in game would be neat the music section why not allow your person to buy music that helps them relax.

Stock market to help make money or even two jobs that would be cool. We can buy books why not games for my gaming systems or computer. Why not make it so we can buy houses fix them up and sell them for a profit as a job self employed or buy upgrades for things like the cars, bikes so on. I know most of this is wishful thinking but I think it would be fun and personally I would love to just kill time playing it to play. Be really cool if you could have kids and your person dies and you just carry on the blood line.