Kudos 3?

Is there going to be a Kudos 3? If so, when can we expect its release?

There are not plans right this minute for one, but it may show up after the next game is done. who knows :smiley:

Kudos 3 probably should start younger. In Kudos 2, the game assumes that you graduated high school at 18, didn’t go to college, and from 18-20 you worked at a minimum wage job with the aim of getting out of your parent’s home and that’s it. Age 10-30 might be cool or something.

Am I the only one who liked the graphics in Kudos 1 better? I liked the way the game looked so that’s why I played the first one. I hesitated buying the 2nd one 'cause of the comic book graphics. I am glad I bought it and am enjoying it and have gotten used to the graphics and layout. But I still prefer the 1st one… I also like how I can keep on playing past age 30. I don’t remember Kudos 1 allowing that but I haven’t played it since it first came out.

For Kudos 3, please don’t let skills atrophy. My character learned how to play chess and was winning and increasing her IQ. Then later, she’d lost ALL skill and there was no learning how to play chess book for sale anymore for her to learn. It was very disappointing that she kept losing. I just had her quit playing chess. It also makes it hard to increase IQ if it keeps falling. In real life, IQ doesn’t drop off like that, does it? I would understand if you lowered IQ because of hanging out with dumb friends or drinking too much alcohol but otherwise it seems like it should stay along with any developed skills.

How about adding an option to quit friends before they quit you and your confidence falls. If you have a dishonest, pessimistic friend, you should be able to cut ties without your confidence faltering.

Also, since we can play past age 30, please add buying a condo, a townhouse, and a house.

Add dog-walker in the for sale items for those with the money to pay someone else to walk their dog.

I miss how in Kudos 1, you could invite your friends over to watch tv if you had no money.

It would be nice if shopping was a group activity you could do with your friends who have an interest in shopping.

And can they just automatically take showers everyday? This cleanliness thing where taking a bath takes all day/night sucks. Leave taking a bath as an option to increase relaxation and energy. But just keep them clean in general.

Those are just my two cents. Otherwise, I enjoy playing this game and have started on a 2nd character. Thank you. And I am glad I bought Kudos 2 straight from this website.

Also, in Kudos 3 can you make it so the characters have vacation days? They would be limited of course. But the character would have the option of going to work or not. I found it ridiculous how stressed my character was as a lawyer and how long it took for her to learn corporate law and expert law. After work, she would only learn either 1-2%. It took forever.

I just read further and see that other players also have my suggestions.

Kudos 1 had a nicer 3D graphic look and Kudos 2 was all 2D graphics.

Skills not only atrophy fast, they gain fast, too.

The bath thing might be symbolic for all types of personal grooming… shower, shave, haircut, hair combing, etc. though personal grooming is not relaxing.

I’d like to second the idea of allowing characters to have vacation days. Advancing your career shouldn’t require (or encourage) working as a waiter. As it was, I found myself deliberately misbehaving to get sick so that I could have low-stress days to go to classes in.

I also like the idea of allowing the purchase of a house or such, but I have a different take on it. There should be a number of high-expense items that “generate” income, the amount thus generated ideally scaling with your job type. So buying a house would eliminate or reduce your ‘rent’, but it would be very expensive. On the other hand, if you became unemployed or were working at the lowest kind of job, the sliding scale would work against you, as maintanence costs on the structure became an issue. There might be multiple kinds of ‘house’ too. For instance, on the cheaper end, buying a terrible fixer-upper would provide a malus to confidence, whereas buying a unique and eco-friendly (but tiny) cubehouse would provide a small boost to kudos but also cause a malus to relaxation and prevent or severely degrade social events which would otherwise take place in the home. On the more expensive end, buying a mansion would boost confidence and possibly give a bonus to social events which would otherwise take place in the home, but would also imply high maintanence costs and debt, thus having a sliding-scale-of-costs that is friendly (and thus saves money rather than costing money) only to the most supremely high income jobs.

No matter what kind of house you get, gaining or losing a house should re-randomize the locations of all jobs.

You know what else would be a neat item to buy? “Apartment near your office” - for some amount down, plus an additional daily cost, an apartment that is close enough to your workplace to allow you to walk to work.