Kudos Editor ?

hi cliffski, I was just wondering if you ever thought about making an editor for Kudos2. Considering a lot of the files are just text/csv I was actually thinking of doing up a little php/mysql web page to add/edit things like jobs and other activities etc which would provide just a csv text dump file I could overwrite in Kudos2. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be simpler if there was an Editor program that people could use to customise their game.

I find that when trying to add things I always make mistakes because of all the different attributes in the files. Jobs need scripts in a few locations now and all of them need doing. Generally I end up with something that is more a copy of something existing as having some sort of means of checking all the different results and requirements becomes confusing. Myself, I am totally useless at trying to write an app for windows (even though I could do something minor in php/mysql).

So I figure, what a great idea if the author of the game also authored an editor :slight_smile: Basically all it would be is something that reads the text files, shows the options and can write out the textfiles. I guess you would know how to include a lot more things that are possible to edit rather then just the simple jobs and books and things.

I would even be prepared to pay for a complex editor - you could sell it along with the game so people could make their own entire custom version of Kudos2 for their own enjoyment. Maybe include a simple editor with the game that only allows additions/changes a few things as a taste of what the purchased editor can do. The advanced editor could even assist with avatars and clothing and other things - to simplify the modding tutorials that you already give for people who want to design some of their own stuff.

What do you think?

I’d love to. It’s just getting the time to do it. I have zero knowledge of normal windows app API stuff, so coding one would take me a while as I’d use C++, which is stupidly low level for something that is basically easily done in Visual Basic or something even higher level.
I do intend to put more effort into making modding easy. I’ve already added some avatar tutorial stuff, and more like that will be forthcoming.

I was having a look at the restaurants for possible additions, but the restaurants.csv is a little confusing. We have as the field descriptions on the top line:

token,type,labguagename,name,guiname,description,background,music,mincost,max cost,style,foodtype

(Notice the , between music and mincost)

And an example restaurant:

#,mexicanrestaurant,mexican,thetacocantina,The Taco Cantina,“Affordable, fast Mexican food. Anyone is welcome here at The Taco Cantina!”,tacocantina.jpg,Mexican.ogg,“4,102,54,200”,8,10,CHEAPO,mexican_cheap

So “4,102,54,200” is where the , is in the field descriptions. Just what do these values affect? I notice various restaurants will have a different set of 4 numbers.

its the color, in red, green, blue and opacity of the text on the menu

Thanks! Another question for you Cliffski…

As you might have guessed, I am proceeding with making a little web based php/mysql editor for whatever I can figure out how to make work in the game. Whats the rules on this? I am actually taking a copy of all the stuff in nearly all the text files (.csv’s) and scripts in the game, adding to a database and running php (web style) to view, create and modify all these things. Now its your property, from your game. Am I allowed to do this? Would anyone else be allowed to see it and use it?

yes Thats fine with me, I’ll help you out in any way I can.
I just added some more modding data (see top of this forum)