Kudos: Film maker??

Hey Cliff!

My significant other loves Kudos: Rock Star as she is a very musically inclined person. She had an idea, though, to make a Kudos: Film maker where you can cast actors, buy equipment, etc. What do you think about that?

Like The Movies? Cliff worked on that game.

I was going to mention The Movies but wasn’t sure if it was kosher to recommend a competitor’s game here :wink:

I had no idea Cliff worked on it. That makes it even cooler, in my book. Does Cliff work for Lionhead, or was it a one project kind of deal?

Further proof that Cliff is incapable of working on a game I don’t like!

See positech.co.uk/cliffsblog/?p=4.

He worked on Evil Genius?!? That’s one of my favorite games of recent years! How about a Kudos: Mad Scientist???

I reckon a game based on movie making from a Kudos style of play would work very well. It was something I thought about the other day so had to respond in this thread. Something like hiring directors, actors, producers etc. Arranging finance, choosing locations and balancing the costs to make a hit movie. Nothing like how The Movies plays out in a 3d world but like Kudos where you’re controlling the whole thing from your big, corporate desk with the computer, fax machine, telephone, filofax etc.

What do you think, Cliff?

I love this idea! I hope cliff considers it. I have The Movies, but i can never get outta the 50’s because building buildings and everything just isnt my idea of a good time. But a movie making game that is played out the way Kudos is would be up my alley. :slight_smile:

I also love Evil Genius and The Movies. The only thing I didn’t like about The Movies was how you had to micro-manage things like practice and relationships, but as the studio grew, there was just no time to do it, and you couldn’t pause to take care of it. My games all tended to only play for a few decades, but I’ve done it so many times.

For a new game, things like managing a movie theatre have been done. Even managing a TV station. One game I’ve wanted to do, managing a garage that repairs cars. Hiring mechanics, buying tools, scheduling the tasks. Mechanics can have skill sets, so matching the right mechanic with the right repair job to do it faster. Used vs New parts for replacements on cars. Extend the gameplay by being able to buy up junkers and fix them up to sell them, and/or part things out to sell them to junkyards, or use the components as used parts for other games. I might try writing it myself one day if no-one else does :smiley:

The only game I know of offhand that’s even remotely similar is Gearhead Garage, where you are the mechanic. I love the gameplay, but it’s a totally different style.

There’s also the old school game Car Tycoon, which is fun. I haven’t seen many management games where you run a factory. There’s another idea.

How about we just come up with a bunch of ideas for different things and give Cliff some ideas, maybe something will give him some inspiration for his next game.

My strategy for The Movies was to make actors and actresses star in two different types of films. “Actor SF Romance” would be an actor that would, not surprisingly, star in Science Fiction and Romance. He would usually be partnered with “Actress SF Romance.” I’m pretty sure you could pause the game, although I forget which key did it since I haven’t reinstalled it on my laptop.

Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius! Kudos Evil Genius!

I did the same thing, though my studio only had 3 genres in total. It was possible to pause the game, but while paused you can’t actually do anything.


I’d love to do a movie making game one day. But I currently have 3 potential ‘next games’ and the one I’ve started on is NOT like Kudos. It is a game that I think will appeal to some of the people who pester me to remake a certain game though.

And would I be one of those people? :slight_smile:

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