Kudos: Politics

I’m not sure where to put ideas but a Kudos: Politics ala Kudos: Rock Legend except with a political party would be a fantastic idea, imagine it, you riding your way to the top of either Labour, Lib Dems or Tory ladder or starting your own party!

I would buy such a game.

I don’t know of any political simulators for the UK, but if you’re looking at something like this from an American perspective, there’s Political Machine 2008. It’s put out by Stardock, and it’s also DRM free.

I already have that along with the other President Forever simulation.

theoryspark.com/political_ga … ever/info/

I just think it would be kinda cool to have a rock-legendesque approach to politics.

Barack me Amadeus…

I have actually been thinking of something like this but with the US Congress. It’s a great idea either way.