Kudo's to you Cliff

As soon as I saw you were the guy that created, Kudos I had to register and say great work on yet another great game you’ve been involved with. I had read a while ago about this project and was loving the concept, though at the time I didn’t know who you were, that was until The Movies that is.

Now I’m not sure if you remeber me or not from The Movies forums, went as Zavara Studios over there, but you were one of the reasons why a number of us got together and put those fan sites up. Without your great support and willingness to bring us that much closer to being part of the team, I for one would not have stayed around a long as I did.

Anyway, again just wanted to commend you on a great game!

Take care,

hey thanks, I do remember the name from the movies forums.

What do they always say at the awards ceremony after your cowinner takes the words out of your mouth. What Zav said.
Nicely done on the game, Cliff. I’m still getting used to it, but it seems like one of the cleverer and prettier text sims I’ve ever played.
Now could you do one set in say a Hollywood Movies Studio where they make films and such? If you have time for the research that is. I think a number of us would be happy with a Cliffski cut of such a game.

I’d love to, I would certainly do it differently to ‘the movies’, but I’m currently tackling the music business :smiley:.

I’d agree with that - a game about movies in a style similar to Kudos where you hire actors and make movies would be awesome. The game “The Movies” was great but it’s micro-management form meant you had to devote a lot of time to get good results but something a bit simpler could make a really good game.

I’m kind of doing this, but it’s about the music business. You hire your backing musicians, write songs, and play gigs. It’s going to be great fun :smiley: