Kudos2 on Impulse or Steam?

Sorry if this has been asked before, as I’m new to this community. I just purchased Kudos 1 yesterday on Impulse when I saw it after downloading the current Sins Patch and thought I’d try it out and I turned out to enjoy it. It reminded me a little of the old game Alter Ego (a fun text based life game) so I purchased it. Now I see Kudos 2 is coming out. Will it be available through Impulse or even Steam? I usually prefer to buy my games digitally now a days. So much easier.

Even if it is being offered on those platforms, I’d recommend purchasing it directly from the company. I’ve had some issues with the Impulse installation of Democracy 2. Buying direct, especially from a small company like this where you can get in touch with the Grand Poobah of Everything (cliffski) easily, is the way to go.

it might be on impulse, but steam don’t even bother to reply to my emails, so not on steam.
Why not buy direct here anyway? latest version, fastest tech support, and we’ve been on-line longer than steam anyway (since 1997).

Hmm, Steam won’t return your e-mails? I thought they were so good with independent developers, since they seem to love putting them on steam (audiosurf, defcon, darwinia, etc etc). I’m fairly shocked about this, I personally love steam and want more games on there. And to know they are skimping on that sucks.

Anyway, I’ll go ahead and buy directly as long as I can always download the game in the future (no charge) since that’s the #1 thing I love about steam. I think I remember reading that was possible here, I’ll do more research into it once it’s released. Thanks for the response!

I’ve never ever charged anyone to download a game later, and never will. Its insulting that some companies do this.

Don’t feel bad about Steam ignoring your e-mail. I opened a ticket with them on Saturday about not being able to buy, and I still haven’t gotten a reply

cool, nice to know that they just don’t reply to anyone. How have they got so popular?

My guess: Half-Life 2.

Are you writing to Steam support or have you tried writing to Gabe Newell directly? Even if he doesn’t answer personally, as a rule Valve endeavour to reply to every inquiry.


With the release of Kudos 2 it might be worth trying again. The amount of exposure you’d gain from being on Steam would far outweigh the cut, and from what I’ve seen of the Kudos 2 screens the game has much greater visual appeal than it’s predecessor.


I’ve emailed gabe before, but I’ll do it again for Kudos 2.

Maybe get a few positive reviews beforehand to throw at him. Perhaps the RPS guys could help out.