Labour reform

For a long time a “ban strike” policy has been in the to do list, but I think that it would be better to do a complete reform on the labour laws in general.
When we read the policy it says that are restrictions on the right to strike but in real life labour laws would refflect several things that could be each one a policy by itself.

1.-Restrictions on the right to strike, with a complete ban to strikes at one end.
2.-Labour conditions, like maximun working week, minimum vacations…, could substitute the baseline of nowadays policy, but with an inverted relation to strikes and maybe to trade union membership(less people unionizing because is less needed)
3.-Priority of Collective bargaining
4.-Restrictions on firing employes, with baning firing an one end.

Other thing that may go well is a policy about giving unions control over some estate programmes, like in Argentina, where unions manage healthcare, or Denmark, where unions manage unemployment subsidies.