Lack of "No Political Capital" option

It would be great to have an option to play without political capital, as there is in D3.

Political capital is an important part of the game, without it you can just do everything you want in the first quarter.

Oh I don’t disagree. I enjoy playing with political capital, but playing without it gives the opportunity to experiment and just have a bit of a laugh. Personally, I find it quite fun, and if the game remains fun in that mode, I see no reason why there shouldn’t be an option for it.

I think Cliff said in one of the video that removing it as an in-game setting it is a conscious decision to guide players into playing the game as it is supposed to be played, but that you can still do it by just changing/removing one line somewhere in the game files.

how can you do that?

Perhaps it would be best implemented as an ‘easter egg’ where you have to click certain buttons in a specific order to make it appear. Or more simply to discourage use of it instead of having a check box that says ‘Political Capital’ it could be called ‘Developer Mode’ or ‘Modding Mode’.

I feel like Sandbox Mode (which effectively is this) would be a great idea. Perhaps just simply disable achievements with a mode like this.
Could also deactivate other stuff such as events, debt interest, effects like “Year” or, certain good or bad situations.
I don’t think it’d be particularly fun, but it seems fairly low effort to add, and lots of people would probably like it anyway.