Ladder Matches

GSB, is I think this there is not a better game setup with a few changes than Ladder matches. Psitech would decide the rules. My suggestions, Fixed pilot Counts, Credits, map size, supplies. with 3 or more different classes. One can only against same class. I do not mean player, just various forms of fleet setups. Top Ten Players would be posted every week until someone knocks ones out. number attepmts vs victories would also count towards rank. Cheating, and mods are a concern. This would be a seperate server than one used now for matches. The reason I want this becuase so new players and veterans know what level of player they are playing against. This just a thought and I would loved to hear what other players think of this.

would love to see a real ladder for this game but not sure it would work. Aside from cheats there seems to be some kind of bug that makes it so if you run a challange and win somebody else can run the same challange and you loose. I see this a lot when ppl send me retals and I run the same fleet setup agianst them and they get crushed. In a close match the die rolls could send it either way sure but I am talking about taking them out with 90%+ of my fleet left. There also seems to be a bug where you click on a challange and another challange shows up. These things could be related not sure.

I think you need a whole bug sheet just for Challenge board, I could rattle off at least 10. How about a moderator to delete silly, repeated challenges that are the same?

It would be nice if the powers that be put a little bit more effort into this part of the game.

ps–I’ve been on the other side of a lot of Hivemind’s matches that he can’t duplicate. It seems to happen most when a lot of air is involved. If my stuff out dogfights his, he loses spectacularly. The other way, he crushes me.

One cool fix would be video replays!!! Starcraft 2 manages it, plus wouldn’t it be cool to share fun battles?

So, guys, we need like a challenge writers group or something, eh?

Gosh I’ve gotten A LOT of rude retals lately, one guy lost it cause I used a tribe fleet. Um, ok, they are good but they aren’t OP or anything.

Still annoyed by the parasite bug, nothing worse than someone who talks a lot of smack then you can’t play (and destroy) their retals.

What about a rating based soley on the percentage of attempts vs victories? Another by enjoyment? At least a leaderboard.

FInally, do you guys think this game is dead? I notice the old challenges have thousands of attempts. My greatest hits have less than 100. Has the ship sailed on GSB?



Well I have high hopes for ipad.

Here would be the coolest:

I could work on a challenge on my main computer. Half way through when I had to go to work, I could transfer the fleet to my ipad 2 and work on it on the subway.

When I got back home (I only have wifi on my ipad) it would update my home version where I could do some more tweeks, then post challenge on line!!!