Laissez Faire realism


I´m doing a brazilian mod but also meddling around with some free market realism.
The thing is, in theory, a free market that becomes competitive will eventualy have more benefits than the state intervention, but on the short term, it would raise inequality and wont be as acessible as a state service.
To try to simulate that in game I imagined that private services would have bad stats to start with, like giving negative Equality, lowing income from mid and poor classes and giving less effect on the relative index (like education) to represent it being less acessible. But after a while, with a bigger market and with a degree of inovation (introduced by the economic realism mod) it could become a perfect competition and have a situation that would nullify the bad income impacts, would raise equality and would have a higher impact into the relative index than the state services.
The problem is: for some reason, I´m not able to do that right now. I already created the situation entry but it never shows in-game for me. The entry is this:

#,CompetitivePSchools,Competitive Private Schools Market,"The private schools market developed in a way that it became a perfect competition, allowing for better prices and wider population access.",PUBLICSERVICES,,"The private school market became perfectly competitive.","The private school market is becaming concentrated again...",1,0.6,0.4,0,0,"_default_,0","PrivateSchools,x",#,"GDP,+0.3+(0.03*x)","Capitalist,+0.2+(0.3*x)","Liberal,+0.2+(0.3*x)","Equality, +(0.2*x)","_MidIncome,0+(0.3*x)","_HighIncome,0-(0.3*x)","_LowIncome,0+(0.3*x)","Education, (0.15*x)",,,

I simplified the requirements for testing purposes, it would need to have a lesser impact of the private school sector size and some impact from innovation. Also, the output numbers are random right now, I would change them after testing it. Can anyone give me some light on why this is not triggering? Thanks in advance!

If you have any thoughts on this change, or thing of a better/different way of doing it, please also leave your comment. Thank you!


This is awesome and the kind of balancing the game needs. How is its status now?