Land Based Battles

I would love to see the same concept put in a land based battles (future stuff). Each ship would be like a division, some arty and maybe a way to have command points to change orders. Even an ongoing, random campain or something w/ online coop mod.

I am working on a WWII mod, this may suit your purpose.

correct me if i’m wrong hybrinoid, but one of the constraints though is working within the capital/frigate/fighter model. Because there are only three classes, its a bit difficult to put each type of land unit into one of those that makes it work against the other. Like hybrinoid’s mod, planes are cruisers. since cruisers are bigger, and the player is looking top-down, this makes the plane appear above the tank or infantry. On the other hand, this means each fighter is its own unit, as opposed to a fighter flock that you can get by using the fighter class.

fighters in modern combat dont stick together, as if they run upon a SAM, then there all Stuffed

also you could just use the formation order.