large tanks / mechs

RPS had some interesting thoughts on multiple weapons for tanks. For example, a tank might have a main cannon and a bow mounted machine gun. When I went to design my first unit, I was surprised support for multiple weapons per hull wasn’t included. It makes sense, particularly on large hulls. Perhaps hulls have a max weapon allocation, which may prevent fitment of two super powerful weapons, but would still allow large units to fit two smaller weapons. For example, I love my mechs to be able to fit lasers and missiles.

having one weapon per unit was a simplification, and is referred to quite a bit in the code, so it’s not as simple as just adding more slots. However, it’s not impossible either and I can see how it would appeal.

Put me on the list of people who’d like that. :wink:
I had some more ideas, but I’ll need time and a clear head to write them down, and will do so in another thread, then. Just wanted to voice my agreement with the point made.

(Especially when looking at some of the wacky designs some of the engineers had in mind back in the day…)

I had already tried to add a multiple weapon tank hull into the game, but I got it wrong somewhere and it crashed every time it tried to load.

I think it would be pretty cool and add a lot to customisation to have multiple weaponed tanks/mechs, limited to only the heavy chassis to maintain balance.

Coming from GSB, multiple turrets on massive tanks was one of the things I expected from GTB. I would really love to see massive tanks rolling about with ten different guns…

Ahhh… OGREs

Now that would be a mod I’d like to see (if only because it’s almost impossible to stop an OGRE with fixed defenses, you need mobility)

Yes, sir, that would be fantastic!

My thoughts exactly!

I was actually expecting this to be in the game from the start - I understand that coding it might take alot of effort, though.


Gratuitous Tank Battles, as of now, is lacking gratuitous tanks!
I would be so happy to see this implemented!

but what do the public really want? Me to spend the time to add multiple guns to GTB, or spend that same time (roughly) to add mid-battle control to ships to GSB?
bwahahahaha :smiley:

I can’t say that for sure, I admit that.

But GTB is seen by many as the next big step concerning your games, and as such, you should focus on making it the next big step concerning gameplay mechanics and customisation, and stuff in general as well.

Everybody is happy with GSB as it is, methinks.
GTB, well there are some things that people still desire.

And as I said before - right now, Gratuitous Tank Battles is lacking gratuitous huge multiweapon bloody tanks - and that can’t be right, eh? :smiley:



Oh, now this, this counts as cruel and unusual treatment according to the Geneva Convention. I am pretty sure it does, anyway. I think I heard that somewhere. Maybe?

Why cant we have our control and turrets too ?
(i dont care which order they are done in - I hope that cliff can find the time to do both at some point in the future)

Because, the multi turrets on a tank would be simply epic . .

Got Dakka ?

And more features in GSB would add more replayability (and inspire a few more mods)- Should cliffski lift the lid on GSB and start tinkering around in the code - hopefully he can spare some to impliment some of the ideas that are in the suggestions forum (^.^) Please ?

:slight_smile: I agree with Darkstar above.


I concur.

And I believe it would be better to implement multiple turrets in and stuff in general for GTB first.
The reason is simple: GSB is already well established, while GTB has only just started to sell (hopefull!), and isn’t even released as “gold” build yet.

It would pump sales for GTB more if it was improved than improving GSB will pump GSB sales - as almost everybody already owns it.
And hey, even some reviewers mentioned how the tanks didn’t feel tanky enough!

i get the feeling that was a joke question…

in all srsness tho, ya, multi-weapon gtb ftw

While Cliff did post it on the 1st of April, he did post this on twitter awhile back . .

So hopefully its not a joke question and Cliff is seriously considering implementing either or both functions to these games . .


I would by all the expansion packs (nvr made it past the order) if RTS controls are in…

here’s to hoping

Surely the ideal answer is a translation of GSB into an aerial context (fighters, bombers and armoured zeppelins) which could largely keep the same models, and permit a GSB air battle to takr place over a GTB landscape. At the same time. With AA weapons on turrets, larger maps and bombs for the heavy aircraft (and/or give some of their weapons ground attack abilities).

I suspect this wont make it into GTB release 1 :slight_smile:

I’ve seen some scope creep, but nothing quite this ambitious.

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There was a question about buying GSB if it had unit control. My answer is a possibly biased no (biased in that I have GTB and would like to see “more”). I’d buy GSB on its merits now, not what it may be at an undefined point in the future.