Laser defence/Anti-fighter missiles defence bug?

isn’t working for me at all at the Chaos Nebula mission. I always get beaten up by the fighters, and nor the AFM, nor the laser defence are active. Using Federation race, v1.27.

M i doing something wrong?

i just tried the tribe race…same problem. Those from my foes, at the other hand, are working very well

the same data is used by both sides, so it must just be that you are being attacked by fast fighters, or armoured ones and your weapon choices are ineffective. I strongly recommend tractor beams in tandem with defence lasers for a sure-fire way to take down fighters.

that i tried too, but the modules (laser defence/anti-fighter missiles) stay inactive . If i don’t use fighters in my fleet, i always get beaten up by theirs, cause i have no working defence against them

another possibility?

Okay, i ll delete the game folder and the folder in my Vista user profile, and reinstall the game.

the problem stays. Did the first mission, after the tutorial, and the laser defence didn’t react on the fighters, only the tractor beam did. Are such defence modules maybe bound to certain ship locations only to be put, to become active?

If the weapons are staying inactive, it’s likely you don’t have any attack fighter orders on the ships. Tractor beams will always work, the rest need orders.

right sir, you have hit the nail